About us

At Axtell & Haller, our purpose is to serve clients and help them with their tax, accounting and other financial questions and concerns. We do that using not only knowledge but real experiences as entrepreneurs.

Our fees are significantly less than the larger firms but that does not mean we have less expertise and accordingly, we deliver great value to our clients. We care about each of our clients regardless of their size and needs. Obviously, we do like to get paid for our work, but a “thank you” and satisfaction with our work is just as rewarding.

We use are building a firm around culture and we are striving to execute our four “pillars”:

  • Family comes first. We always remind our team members that they need to place their family first and we will do whatever we can to accommodate their needs.
  • Work life balance. We do not expect any of our team members to feel they have to put in as many hours as the partners. It is not unusual for the partners to tell our team members to go home. As a partner group, our goal is to do a better job ourselves of reminding each other that we need to improve our own work life balance.
  • Integrity & honesty. These words speak for themselves and cannot be compromised. We strive to always do the “right thing”.
  • Respect & willingness to help each other and our clients. Every position and person in our firm is important. We respect and appreciate our individual talents and no job is beneath us. The partners will take out the trash and do the cleaning when needed. Our goal is to have an environment of appreciation and a willingness to mentor.